October 27th, 2022

Modified on Mon, 31 Oct 2022 at 04:39 PM

**note for mobile releases, they may be released on the date noted, but still need to go through the app

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Passport Reset

When an Admin overrides a User Passport by selecting “Reset Passport”, the passport will also

reset the User’s reported location

If an Admin resets a User’s Passport, the passport will now default to the previous location that the

User reported. Alternatively, it is also an option to reset the passport to a blank default location. For

example- Say a User reports being on “Campus A” on Monday, then on “Campus B” on Tuesday

morning when taking their daily health screening, their most current Passport will read “Campus B”.

If an Admin, for whatever reason, resets their passport on Tuesday afternoon, the User’s passport

will revert back to the location reported on Monday.


Notifications Sent When User Reports an Exposure or Symptoms

Both Users and Company Admins/Managers can now receive a notification when an Exposure or

Symptoms related “Incident” is reported.

To enable this feature, please let a CareValidate Admin know.

With this change, a notification will be sent to the User who reported a symptom or exposure. The

User’s Manager(s) can be CC’d on this notification if the company has “Tag based notifications”

enabled (if this is not already enabled for your company, please let a CV Admin know), and the

manager(s)/User have the appropriate tags associated with their account.

A Company Admin can report an incident on behalf of a User (using the 'Report an Incident' link on

the User’s details page), in which case the notification will still be sent to the User.

Only one incident of the same type can be reported within 24 hours. If a User or Admin attempts to

report a symptom or exposure more than once in that 24 hour window, a message will appear

indicating that this incident has been already recorded (this message template is customizable in

Preferences > Notifications > Select Message Template).

A separate notification message must be written for SMS (text message) notifications. Note *text

message notifications are limited to 160 characters.


Include Negative Tests In Case Management Report

To enable this feature, please let a CareValidate Admin know.

Once enabled, the Case Management Report will include both positive and negative test result


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