September 15th, 2022

Modified on Mon, 31 Oct 2022 at 12:02 PM

**note for mobile releases, they may be released on the date noted, but still need to go through the app

store vetting process which can take up to 3 days.


More Language Translation Options

We created multi language support for our platform using Google translation services. When the

browser language is switched to a new language, the app displays translated content.

Increased Support For Large User Lists

We have significantly improved support for large user lists (over a hundred thousand users). This

improvement includes supporting stable live updates, search, filtering, etc, while making it possible

for the front-end to handle large data.

Import both Email and Phone Number as Auth Method with Census File Imports

We improved census file import by having imported phone numbers set as an auth


If the census file contains a phone number and an email for an employee, both the email and the phone

number will be used as authentication methods. This allows employees to login using their preferred

method (email or phone).

Admins can Download “Close Contact” Email Addresses from the Cases Table

Company Admins can now download a full list of Users who have been designated as

worksite contacts or direct contacts from the Cases page

To enable this feature please let a CareValidate Admin know

A Company Admin can then download contacts by pressing the “Download Contact Emails” button

located in Manage > Cases > Case Detail > “Notify Manual Exposed Employees” tab or “Notify Worksite

Contacts” tab.

Custom User Labels that refer to application users

In the past, we have distinguished user roles as 'Employees( users)', ‘Security’ and 'Admins'

within the system. This feature now allows companies to set their own User Role Names

for general users and admin users, for example, students and faculty at a school.

To enable this setting please let a CareValidate Admin know.

Control how users are added to Care360

Company Admins can disable the option to add a new User using their phone number

This new feature - “disallowNewUserAddedByPhoneNumber” allows Adminsto remove the option of

registering a new user with their phone number. Once enabled, new users added via the “Add

Employee” modal, can only be added by email.

To enable this feature please let a CareValidate Admin know.

Upon activation of the setting, the “Add user” modal located in  'Manage' > 'Employees' will not have the

field allowing registration by a new user's phone number.

Delete a Test Result

Company Admins can delete test results that a User uploaded

This feature makes it possible for company admins to delete test results and associated cases (for

positive tests) from a user's details page.

To do so, go to the User’s profile page and see the testing table. The user’s test results table will show

two plain-text buttons in the "Actions" column- 'Add/Edit/View Case Notes' and 'Delete Test Result' for

positive test results and only the 'Delete Test Result' button for negative test results.

Deleting the positive test result from the user’s test results table also removes its associated case from

the 'Cases' table.

To enable this feature please let a CareValidate Admin know

Case Management

Edit profile functionality in cases table > Manual Contacts

Company Admins now will have the ability to add/edit contact information for Direct Contact from the

Cases page/table. For example, to add a phone number by clicking on each contact. This action no

longer navigates to the user’s profile from this screen, instead, it opens the Edit Profile modal.

Case Management Conclusion Text can be customizable Per Employee

With the use of a tag overrides, users will see customized conclusion text at the end of the

case management form

Users  with a designated tag (customized by company) can have custom conclusion text at the end of

their case management form. This allows admins to provide different instructions to different users

(usually by region) in an effort to better support employees with guidance and language that’s specific

to their region and primary language.

The tags override can be set by Company Admins in 'Preferences' > 'User and Passport' > 'User Tags'. The

dropdown 'Select field to override...' now has the option "Test Result Questions Form Conclusion Text"

that once assigned to the tag, activates the override.

“Test Result Questions Form Conclusion Text” has a multiline text area input that can be filled in with

custom text different from the default company setting text in 'Preferences' > 'Testing'.

For an untagged user, the company setting for conclusion text will default to their form.

For a tagged user, the tag-override custom text entered will be shown.


Quarantine Expiration Notifications (Delayed Notifications)

We have added Two New Types of Notifications:

Retest Reminder Notification

*Template for this notification is available under Company Preferences > Select Message Template

·   Email notification will be sent to all users who have submitted a positive test

·   A one-time notification will be sent to Positive Users who are in quarantine, 1 day before their

Isolation period ends

·   “Break isolation period” is set in Company Preferences > Testing > Number of Days After Which

User can Test out of Isolation

Isolation Period Expiration Notification

·   Email notification will be sent to all users who submit a positive test

·   One-time notification sent 1 day before Isolation Period ends

·   Isolation Period is set in Company Preferences > User & Passport > Quarantine Period

·   Template for this notification should be available under Company Preferences > Select Message


Tag based Reports

Split company’s Reports into different files based on admin tags, and to send these files by

email to the admin who have related tags

To enable this feature, let a CareValidate Admin know

Mobile Release

● Allow users to report their COVID-19 contacts

● Added reporting additional COVID-19 incidents

● Additional case questions for direct contacts

● Open case notes from email or SMS

● Login using QR code

● Support of international phone numbers

● Allow hiding communication methods

● Added ‘Unknown’ Test type option in test reporting

● New Vaccination Status Consent Flow (custom feature)

● Hide link to 'Assign Badge'

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out! We are here to help!

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