October 20th, 2022

Modified on Mon, 31 Oct 2022 at 12:50 PM

**note for mobile releases, they may be released on the date noted, but still need to go through the app

store vetting process which can take up to 3 days


Change Location Order

Admins can now change the order in which locations are displayed in the 'Daily Screening' modal

Company admins can reorder locations by navigating to 'Manage' > 'Locations' and set the display

order on the 'Location Details' page.

Upon saving changes, the new order will be reflected in the 'Locations' table ('Manage' ->

'Locations' page) and also in the 'Daily Screening' modal.

Add Links to Documents and Resources

Add external Company Resources and links to your Employee’s Dashboards

Once enabled, this feature can be found on a new page called 'Company Resources' in the

'Preferences' section.

To enable this feature, please let a CareValidate Admin know.

This tool is useful for companies wishing to add company policies, link to company website, etc.

The link title and URL should be added to the related fields.

After saving the changes, the links will be available in the “Company Resources” section and will be

accessible to all users and admins of the company. The links can be edited and deleted if required.

Removed the Requirement to Include a Phone Number to Update Location

We removed the mandatory requirement for phone or email information when creating a new

location or editing an existing location in the locations table of the ‘Manage’ section

With this new feature, if either the phone or email fields are empty, it is still possible to save

changes to location. However, if either phone or email has been entered and has an invalid format,

the submit button will be disabled to keep bad data from being saved.


Add Omicron Booster to List of Vaccines

We have added two additional vaccine booster types that can be selected on the web and on

mobile apps.

·   Pfizer-BioNTech - Bivalent

·   Moderna - Bivalent

To add these two options, company admins can go to ‘Preference’ > ‘Vaccinations’ > ‘Additional

Vaccine Options’


Return to Work Options Improvement

We added a new company setting that allows companies to choose whether a return to work date

is calculated based on a User’s Positive test date or their symptom onset date.

To enable this setting, please let a CareValidate Admin know.

Once enabled, this setting can be found in ‘Preference’ > ‘User and Passport’ > ‘Passport Settings >

‘Use Test Date For Determining Return to Work Date’

After this setting is activated, if a positive test is submitted for the user and the symptoms date is

provided, the test date will be taken into account to calculate the Return to Work Date for the user.

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