Daily Screening Module Configuration

Modified on Thu, 18 Aug 2022 at 12:06 PM

The Screening module allows employees to report symptoms, answer risk assessment questions, and choose work locations that they plan on visiting to assist in reducing the spread/expose of COVID-19. The following article will outline the available settings that can be altered by administrators as needed.

The Screening settings are located under the Preferences>Daily Screening tabs:

1. Enable Worksite Attendance: Allows for worksite locations to be displayed during the screening for contact tracing purposes.  Worksite locations can be added via Manage>Locations. 

2. Enable Symptom Reporting: Allows users to report symptoms of COVID-19 as needed. 

3. Enable Risk Assessment: Allows for Risk Assessment questions “Have you been in close contact with anyone with COVID, In the last 10 days has anyone in your home received a COVID diagnosis, have you received a COVID diagnosis?”

4. Prevent users in 'Under Monitoring' status from taking the Daily Screening: Keeps users that have reported symptoms from taking the daily screening again until their orange passport expires.

5. Use Custom Risk Assessment Questions: If checked, creates a new section in the options called “Custom risk Assessment Questions” after creation, these questions show up in the Risk Assessment portion of the screener. 

6. Custom risk Assessment Questions (if enabled): Allows users to create custom Risk Assessment questions, for the risk Assessment portion of the screener, these questions are always Yes/No questions and  must be framed carefully. Answering yes will always cause the person’s status to change to “Under Monitoring” regardless of the question asked. 

7. Additional Questions: Additional questions can be created with a yes/no/maybe answer format and are added to the very end of the screener. The answers to these questions have no bearing on the user’s passport or status.

Daily Screening Flow:

  1. User logs into Care360

  2. User clicks the “Daily Screening” link at  the top of the user profile

  3. If “Enable Symptom Reporting” is enabled then the user will be able to select relevant symptoms. Selecting any symptoms will put the user into the “under monitoring status” and the passport will turn orange. 

  4. If “Enable Risk Assessment” is enabled then the user will be able to select Risk assessment questions, selecting “yes” to any of them will put the user in the “Under Monitoring” status and the passport will turn orange.

  5. If “Use Custom Risk Assessment Questions: is enabled then any custom questions will display and the user can answer “Yes, No, Unsure” these questions do not have any bearing on the passport.

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