Testing Module Configuration

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The testing modules allow companies to track, manage, and enforce Covid19 testing in their employee population. Testing requirements and protocols are highly customizable to meet the company's needs. 

As an admin you can customize the testing requirements for your company. Navigate to your Care360 Dashboard > Preferences > Testing. From there you can access all settings associated with the testing module. 


  • Disable self reporting of test results- option to self report tests disappears from user and admin view

  • Prevent Confirmed Users From Self Reporting Tests- Users with previous positive can not self report a test

  • Limit testing to at risk users- only users in the at risk category can upload tests. This includes users who have been exposed or are symptomatic per their screening answers

  • Enforce Periodic Testing- requires testing on a set frequency to obtain green passport

  • Number of Days After Which User Can Test Out of Isolation: You can also set the number of days in which a user can test out of isolation if they have a positive test.

    • Use case: If your company requires a 5 day isolation time post a positive test, you can set this here. This will ensure that the users passport remains orange until they submit a negative test after their isolation period expires. 

  • Use test questions for case management- Custom case management questions will populate after a positive test is submitted. These questions/answers can then be found in case notes (manage > Employees> select employee > on profile scroll far right in table > case notes.

Show Test Type and Validation Tagging- admins can override testing configuration/rules for specific tag(s)

Allow Employees to add Close Contacts- Allows users to directly add close contacts to case notes

Custom conclusion text - What will appear to users at the end of the test questions. 

Order tests from the app- Insert a link to the order form in the “testing link” box. Companies can decide if they would like to pay for employee’s tests or if the tests will be self acquired. 

Testing period- Admins can set how often users need to test to obtain a green passport. As an example, if you require employees to test every 7 days, you can set the period to 7 days. Once an employee has tested negative, they will have a green passport and will not be prompted to test again until the 7 day period expires. 

Test Reporting Preferences: Proctored test- a link to the proctored test scheduling will need to be provided in the corresponding box. 

Validate tests- admins can also select whether they want tests to be validated/approved.  If validation is on, once a user has submitted the test it will be “pending” until the validation process is completed. Once completed, their passport will reflect the corresponding color (whether the test was negative or positive). If the test was positive, employee will also receive a notification with follow up instructions (set by company). 

Proof of test results- 1. With photo, 2. Without photo, 3. With video, 4. With live proctoring, or 5. User selected (in which case user has all options). 

Test types- There are 5 tests that will always be available and thus are greyed out. The others can be selected by admin

Delete a Test Result (Must be enabled by CV)- 
Company Admins can delete test results and associated cases (for positive tests) from a user's details page. To do so, go to the User’s profile page and look at the testing table, located on the bottom right of the page. The user’s test results table will show two plain-text buttons in the "Actions" column- 'Add/Edit/View Case Notes' and 'Delete Test Result' for positive test results and only the 'Delete Test Result' button for negative test results. Deleting the positive test result from the user’s test results table also removes its associated case from the 'Cases' table. To enable this feature please let a CareValidate Admin know. 

Testing Reminders- Testing reminders with a customizable message  can  be sent out to employees on a given day(s) weekly. There is the option to exclude fully vaccinated users from these reminders if your company does not require testing for fully vaccinated employees. 

Preferred Method of Communication

Text, phone, email

Test Result Questions for Case Management

-select which profile fields are required for users, and which profile fields are not editable by users. 

- Require specific questions to be answered before proceeding to the next

-create custom Case Management Questions (which will populate for employees who have reported a positive test). There is not limit as to how many questions can be created. Admins can also create “Sections” for questions to better organize questions in a way that makes that most sense for the company. Questions will be manually written in, and question responses (input type) can be in four different forms- text, date, multiple input, selected option. 

- These questions/answers can then be found in case notes (manage > Employees> scroll far right in table > case notes.

User upload

  • Login to the Care685 app mobile device. select “more” button on the bottom right. select “Report a test result”. Data consent form will populate, press accept. 

  • Select whether their test result was negative or positive. The user will then need to fill out the fields shown and select Submit. If the test result was negative they will be done. 

  • If the test was positive, and the company has additional questions for case management enabled, those questions/profile fields will then populate.

  • Fill out fields and submit. Note-  If for some reason, user or admin needs to save and continue the form later, the system will allow for this. If this is the case- the positive test result notification will still go out even if the case notes are not fully submitted. 

  • If the company setting requires tests to be validated, the employees test result will remain in pending status until validated. To view test results- select “more” > Test results > there you can find all submitted test results for the user. The passport color will reflect the test results

Admin Upload on behalf of employee.

- Admin will login to the Care360 dashboard and navigate to “manage” > Employees. 

Search for the employee by name, email, care360 id, phone, or personal ID (depending on the profile info required by company).  

- Select the employee and select “report test result”. The data consent form will appear, press  accept, and fill in all fields then submit. 

- Similarly to the user upload process,  if “Questions for case management” is enabled for positive tests, the questions will  appear. Admins can fill these out for the employee, save and have the employee complete, or edit these fields after the employee has submitted the questions. 


If a user submits a positive test, admins can easily see this on the dashboard by navigating to “manage” > employees. Inline with the employee and under status you will see “confirmed”, “under monitoring” or “not exposed”. Admins can also use the filter option for positive, negative and indeterminate tests

Download "close Contact" Email Addresses from the Cases Table (Must be enabled by CV)
Once Enabled, a Company Admin can download contacts by pressing the "Download Contact Emails" button located in 'Manage' > 'Cases' > 'Case Detail' > and then either the 'Notify Manual Exposed Employees' or 'Notify Worksite Contacts' tab respectively. 

Edit User Profile from the Cases table
Company Admins can add/edit contact information for Direct Contact from the Cases page/table. From the clicking on the users name one the left side of the screen will take you directly to the users profile, while clicking on the "Edit Profile" link on the right side of the screen will open the Edit Profile modal for you to make changes to the users information.

Tag Based Case Management Conclusion Text
The conclusion text of the Case Management for can be customized for individual users with a designated tag. This allows for different instructions for different users in an effort to better support employees with guidance and language that's specific to their region and primary language.

As an Admin, to create the custom tag overrides, first head to 'Preferences' > 'User and Passport' > 'User Tags' then navigate to the tag you'd like to edit, or create a new tag. From the 'Select Field to override' dropdown, select 'Test Result Questions Form Conclusion Text"

The 'Test Result Conclusion Text' has a multiline text area input that can be filled with custom text different from the default company setting text in 'Preferences' > 'Testing'
For an untagged user, the company setting for conclusion will default to their form.
For a tagged user, the tag-override custom text entered will be shown.


Other Case Management Tools/Notes-

  • Admins can start case notes for users

  • Admins and users and can start case notes then save to return to form later for completion 

  • Admins can mark case as complete- user will not be able to edit the form once marked complete. Admin can still edit and add notes to closed cases

  • Download case Management report from Manage > Employees tab

  • Hover over case notes to see when and who submitted the form 

Note-  If you would only like to allow users to upload real time photos, vs photos from their gallery or PDFs, you can select this option under preferences > General 

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