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Notifications Configuration

Admins are now able to manage emphasis and formatting to notification emails by adding a custom email subject line and custom formatting. This feature allows companies to send notifications styled with a rich-text editor, making recipients more likely to read them.

Customizable notification templates with rich text editing can be found in ‘Preferences’ on the ‘Notifications’ page.

1. You will now find a “Subject” text field above the “Message” text area. Here you can edit the subject that

will be used when that message is sent.

2. In the “Message” text area you’ll find a simple Rich Text Editor that allows you to add custom styles to the

text including bold, italicized, and underlined along with varying font sizes.

The following notifications can be edited:

Direct Contact Reply

Positive Test Reply

Symptoms Reply

Risk Assessment Reply

Orange Passport Text

Green Passport Text

Indirect Contact Employee Notification

Indirect Contact Union Rep Notification

Indirect Contact Subcontractor Notification

New User Welcome Email

Privacy Policy Agreement Text

Common Notification triggers/settings are located under Preferences>Notifications. These settings can be configured based on the need of the client, and can also control notification send times within the platform.

The green and orange passport replies can be found under Preferences>User and Passport tab.

All notifications can be sent via mobile and web applications, and each user can select their preferred method of contact (email, text, phone).

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