Employee Census File Import Template

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CareValidate Census File Template Guide

How to update employee data in the Care360 database.


CareValidate accepts full census files, not incremental or change files. For example, the entire employee population in scope of the CareValidate software should be included, not just new hires and terminations. All the fields included in the original import must be included in subsequent updates.

A census file includes a listing of all of your employees. The format that CareValidate requires of the census file is:

Link to an import census file template: Excel Template

You can share a census file with CareValidate using this secure form.

The census file is a way of performing user management. If users are not present in updated census files, they will be marked inactive in the database and not shown in the dashboard user table or downloadable user report. If they appear again on another census file, they will be marked active again and appear in the dashboard and user report.

A tag determines which administrators view which employee’s data. For example, an admin with tag  tag1 will view the data for all the employees with tag tag1. An admin can have multiple, semi-colon separated tags. 

Admin users can be identified by using the adminRole and adminTags columns. Choose from the Admin or Security roles in the adminRoles column to give a user elevated access to the Care360 platform and enable them to perform administrative functions within Care360. Adding specific tags to the adminTags column will specify which tagged groups that a specific Admin or Security user will be able to affect and limit their scope to users that share those tags with them. 

Commas cannot be included in the census file. If present, they will be replaced with spaces. For example "Smith, Thomas" will appear as "Smith  Thomas" in the database.

Client can supply additional fields by adding new fields after those listed above. Additional fields must be named per "camel case" standard. For example, the proper header for "Employee Location" would be employeeLocation. No spaces, hyphens, special characters etc. More information about camel case can be found here.

File format must be .csv. No Excel files (.xls, .xslx, etc.) will be accepted.

Email may be omitted as a login issue only in the case that phone number is provided. In this case, the user will authenticate with the phone number only.

How often will this file need to be shared?

This file can be shared as often as necessary to keep up with new hires and terminated employees.

What do other clients do about new hires / termed employees?

The census file is treated as the single source of truth for an employee roster. Those employees who appear on the census file and are subsequently removed will be soft deleted; their information will be preserved but they will not show up on the downloadable user report or in the dashboard.

Will the application force the employee to add their personal information upon sign in?

An employee is not forced to add any additional information upon sign in. We can accept as little as an email address only from an SSO provider.

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