Live Proctoring Standards and Procedures

Modified on Fri, 26 Aug, 2022 at 1:31 PM

In order to facilitate efficient, expedient, and confidential testing in an event setting, CareValidate has created the following procedures and practices.

  •     Scheduling

One Proctor can oversee fifteen participants at once, and at an interval of 20-25 minutes (depending on 10 or 15 minute tests). This allows time for the Proctor to instruct the group on the testing instructions, for the tests to develop and display results, and for the Proctor to record the results in the CareValidate system. 

  1. Schedule sessions of fifteen (15) employees per Proctor by 20-25 minute intervals. 
  2. Provide Names and Care360 IDs of each employee in each session
  3. If those scheduled are not present at the time the session begins, they will have to be rescheduled to an open seat in a later session; once proctoring has begun it must continue on time in order to service as many people as quickly as possible.

                        One Proctor can oversee 60 tests in 1 hour this way;  480 tests can be Proctored in an 8 hour day.

                        Adding more Proctors increases by this metric, so as an example, six Proctors can over see 2,880

                        tests in an 8 hour day

  •     Facilities

For the safety of your personnel and our Proctors, as well as preserving the privacy of all those being tested, these are our best-practice standards for the area(s) in which Live Proctoring is to take place.

  1. The testing area should be away from the general attendee functions. 


                     2. Each employee should have their own testing station where they may conduct their test when                                     instructed; Small tables placed 6 feet apart from others are ideal. 

                    3. Each station should be supplied with: a garbage can with bag where testing implements will be 

                       disposed of, tissues for the comfort of the employees being tested, sanitization wipes for the 

                       employees to use on the stations after they have been tested, as well as any pen and paper being 

                       required by the company (such as an acknowledgement form or registration form). Tests can be 

                       distributed to the stations by Proctors between each session.

  • Procedures

 An expedient workflow allows for the most people to be seen in the shortest amount of time. Our best practices  for this are as follows:

                  1. Sessions will begin on time whether or not the sessions are full; last minute additions slow down the 


                  2. Employers should develop a plan for employees should someone test positive for the COVID-19 virus 

                      that, to the best of everyone's ability, protects the employee's privacy and prevents further exposure 

                      to any other parties; this plan must be communicated to the Proctors; At minimum, there should be 

                      masks provided for them to wear after their positive test until they can reach isolation. 

                  3. The Proctor will instruct everyone to open their test kits and remove the instructions, reading over 

                      them aloud to make sure everyone understands what they will be doing and how it is to be done. 

                  4. Everyone will proceed with conducting the test at the same time and a timer will be started for the

                      appropriate amount of time for the reagent to produce a result depending on the test being used.

                  5. Employees with inconclusive tests will be asked to wear a mask for safety and wait for the next open 

                      spot in testing to test again. 
                  6. At the end of the timer the Proctor will record the result from each participant individually by silently 

                      reading the result on the test kit, and uploading said result to the Care360 platform. 

                  7. After the test has been read by the Proctor, participants will be instructed to dispose of their tests and 

                      any other disposable implements, and wipe down their station.

                  8. Should a positive test result occur, the Proctor will help facilitate your staff putting your isolation plan 

                      into practice. 

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