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Daily Screening Symptoms Customization

CareValidate has customizable symptoms for daily screening. 

     Even if a user has no matching tags, checked symptoms always appear in daily screening. Tagged symptoms will appear for users with matching tags even if the symptom is not checked here. 

     Deleted symptoms are permanently erased and will never appear. 

     New symptoms may be added via the Add New Symptom button.


 For Example: 

     Some customers like to have one symptom list for their home country, a list for international offices, and another for global options. 

     To do this in an abridged fashion, we might tag three symptoms with the home country, the USA in this example, then the three international symptoms would not have tags, and the last three could be checked so that they are global meaning both for the USA and all other countries.  Here is a screenshot of the example setup in the Daily Screening Preferences menu:

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