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Contact Tracing Module: "Standalone Badge" FAQs

What is a standalone badge?
A standalone badge is a Bluetooth ID card that measures proximity to other standalone badges with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Standalone badges do not require pairing with a phone app, hence the name Standalone.

How do I get one?
If you are an employee please contact your company's Care685 Program Administrator.

How do I carry it?
A standalone badge can be worn on a lanyard, kept in pockets, wallets, belts, or attached to phones or existing ID badges. Just remember to keep it on your person.

Do I need to charge my standalone badge?
No, standalone badges do not need to be charged. Due to the nature of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, they have a long battery life of 1 year.

How do I check the battery status?

Press and hold the grey circle on the front of the standalone card.

Press/hold Grey Circle

Locate the indicator light on the back of the card to determine the battery status. A fully charged battery will display as green. 

Green Light, Full Battery
What happens if I lose my standalone badge?
If you lose your badge, you will need to contact your Care685 Program Administrator to get a new one.

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