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Admin Configuration Setup for Care360

Step 1:

Configure message templates

You can customize the messages that will be sent to potentially exposed staff. Find the Notifications tab under the Preferences section. We highly recommend that Auto Send is selected which will automate these notifications. Otherwise, management may need to send them manually. These automatic communications are one key way of shortening the time between symptoms and isolation. Under Select the Message Template drop down you will find all of the scenarios which require configured messages. Please find examples below.

Positive Test Reply Example

Symptoms Reply Example

Health Risk Assessment Reply Example

Orange Passport Reply Example

Green Passport Reply Example

Worksite Contact Notification for AB 685 Example

Step 2:

Daily Screening Settings

You can customize how your Daily Health Risk Assessment is configured. Worksite Attendance, Symptom Reporting, and Risk Assessment can be enabled by checking the associated box. The questions asked for Risk Assessment are: 1) In the last 10 days have you been in close physical contact with anyone who is known to have a lab confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis?, 2) In the last 10 days has anyone in your home received laboratory confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19?, 3) In the last 10 days have you received a laboratory confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19? You may add additional questions below, which appear on the screen after the Risk Assessment questions.

Worksite Attendance

Symptom Reporting

Risk Assessment

User must fill out personal identifier to get valid passport

If you would like to mandate your employees to use a personal identifier such as a name or an email address, check this box. They will not be able to get a green passport without filling out a personal identifier in More > My Care685 ID.

Which options should I enable?

The importance of enabling symptom reporting, enabling worksite attendance, and enabling risk assessment all work together to properly provide the condition of an employee and whether or not they are fit to come to work. Again, the goal is to have employees come into work and provide a green passport (reassurance that they have not been exposed outside of the workplace or to any potentially exposed coworkers, nor feeling any symptoms associated with COVID-19). 

Step 3:

Adding Admin Users, Union Reps, and Subcontractors 

Start in the AB 685 tab in preferences. Here you will be able to simply and easily add union reps and contractors to the database to make notification of potentially exposed employees achievable in a timely manner. 

How to Add Admin Users and Members (Video)

Adding a Union Rep to the Care360 Dashboard (Video)

Adding Union Reps and Subcontractors to the notification system is made easy. Just input their email and hit “add union rep”/"add subcontractor". These staff members will then receive eligible updates moving forward.

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